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888Ladies relaunches with exclusive Bingo News offer!

888Ladies, one of the most trusted bingo brands on the web, has relaunched its website in time for Xmas. The result is spectacular and the playing experience much improved, but that's not the only good news. The folks...

2013-12-06 11:31:52

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Ladbrokes Bingo breaks new ground with £105 bonus bundle!

Over the years that Sammy the Squirrel has been chief reporter at Bingo News (you can read his life story here), there have been many ups and down in the online bingo industry. One thing that has remained constant,...

2013-10-09 14:07:26

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New bingo site Bingo Godz launches!

The wait is finally over....Bingo Godz is now live and waiting for you mere mortals! The site has been soft launched during August and will continue to be tweaked during most of September ahead of a big advertising...

2013-08-30 12:13:38

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Bingo Godz countdown to launch

A couple of months ago we reported on the tantilising prospect of a new bingo site called Bingo Godz going live in the near future. The talk of the town was that the launch of Bingo Godz could potentially usher in a new...

2013-08-20 13:48:35

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Exclusive Bingo News offer: 500% deposit bonus at Gala Bingo!

Sometimes well-known bingo brands rest on their laurels. They think everyone already knows their brand so why bother reaching out to you, the customer, and us the publisher. Luckily, the biggest name in bingo - Gala...

2013-07-02 16:24:06

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Will Bingo Godz usher in a new era of online bingo?

There is a buzz about the online bingo industry right now and it's all because of a site that doesn't yet exist. Intrigued? Then read on. Last month at the Online Bingo Summit (an annual conference where bingo operators...

2013-06-28 14:02:44

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Gala Bingo's All-In-One Mobile Experience

The Gala Bingo experience on your mobile device is now better and easier than ever, with all your favourite games in one place. Over 30 slots and games and 13 great bingo rooms are available. Games include all the...

2013-06-14 13:20:54

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Ladbrokes Bingo unveil new loyalty programme

Ladbrokes Bingo have launched a new loyalty programme for their bingo players. The new scheme is called On The House Rewards and looks like it'll be much more rewarding for regular players. There a now 6 tiers that...

2013-06-13 15:54:01

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Ladbrokes Bingo lead market with free £50 bingo welcome bundle

Ladbrokes Bingo seem to change their bingo welcome offer more than Jessie J says 'dude' or Tom Jones mentions his good buddy Elvis on The Voice. But we're not complaining as Ladbrokes chop and change between one...

2013-05-29 14:17:49

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Gala Bingo rejoins Bingo Association

Gala Bingo have rejoined the Bingo Association after previously withdrawing membership from the bingo industry trade body back in 2008. The reason behind the move seems to be to help the Bingo Association in its quest...

2013-01-16 16:33:04

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Great bingo offers for the New Year!

January - that cheery time of the year when everyone sighs when they get on the scales, wraps up against the never-ending cold weather and generally feels a bit blue. Well, Sammy the Squirel is here to cheer you up with...

2013-01-04 13:26:07

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Fantastic bingo offers for Xmas!

Sammy the Squirrel has brought together all the great bingo offers this Xmas in one easy place for you to get stuck into! First up is the Christmas Countdown from Gala Bingo. You can win lots of fantastic prizes every...

2012-12-24 09:20:00

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Winner Bingo Voted 2nd Best Site On Web

Sammy the Squirrel, Bingo News' roving reporter, has declared Winner Bingo to be the 2nd best bingo site on the web, according to his independent and respected bingo review section. The site scored a massive 96/100,...

2012-12-07 16:26:06

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Bingo Offers For A Rainy Day

"Save your pennies for a rainy day" - so goes the famous saying. Well, as everyone knows there's been nothing but rain in the UK not just for a day, but for a whole week. Which means lots of pennies saved up! To...

2012-11-23 13:38:00

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The slow death of offline bingo?

A fascinating article recently appeared in the esteemed Washington Post newspaper about the fall in popularity of Maryland's commercial bingo halls. You can read it here. Hit by competition from nearby casinos and an...

2012-11-22 11:32:34

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