Bingo Offers For A Rainy Day


"Save your pennies for a rainy day" - so goes the famous saying.

Well, as everyone knows there's been nothing but rain in the UK not just for a day, but for a whole week. Which means lots of pennies saved up!

To celebrate all those pennies being saved, Sammy the Squirrel has put together a collection of fantastic bingo offers to make the most of your penny power.

The great thing about all the bingo offers below is you gets lots of free bingo money thrown in, which means your pennies go that much further.

And maybe, just maybe, you'll be the one to hit the bingo jackpot and turn those pennies into wheelbarrows full of cash!

Sammy's Top 5 Bingo Offers

1. Exclusive Bingo News offer: £5 free, no-deposit bingo money at Mecca Bingo. Limited to only 100 people and only a few spaces left! Click here to snap the offer up now and use the bonus code bnews. Full terms and conditions here.

2. Exclusive Bingo News offer: £50 free bingo money for just a £10 deposit at Butlers Bingo. Click here to take up the offer. Full details here.

3. £25,000 in free prizes to be won at Foxy Bingo until December 2nd. Click here to get involved. Full details here.

4. Get £50 free at Ladbrokes Bingo for just a £10 deposit. Click here to snap up this offer. Review of Ladbrokes Bingo here.

5. Exclusive Bingo News offer: Get £20 free at Gala Bingo for just a £5 deposit. Click here to access this offer. Review of Gala Bingo here.

Enjoy all these great bingo offers and keep flicking back to them when another rainy day comes by!

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