Will Bingo Godz usher in a new era of online bingo?


There is a buzz about the online bingo industry right now and it's all because of a site that doesn't yet exist. Intrigued? Then read on.

Last month at the Online Bingo Summit (an annual conference where bingo operators meet up to  discuss where the industry is heading) the talk of the town centered around a site called Bingo Godz which is yet to launch.

The information that delegates at the conference had to go on was very little. Bingo Godz, they were told, would be launching around September. So why the excitement, you may ask?

The foremost reason to get excited is the team behind Bingo Godz. The upcoming website is the brainchild of Cashcade co-founder Simon Collins, the man who, along with co-founder Patrick Southon, brought Foxy Bingo to the masses. These days Foxy Bingo is one of the most popular bingo sites on the internet, but back in 2005 when it launched no-one had heard of the brand. Owned by Cashcade, Foxy Bingo set in motion a series of innovations that helped make the online bingo industry what it is today. So with Collins behind the wheel at Bingo Godz the feeling is that something new and exciting is just around the corner for online bingo.

But it's not just the input of Collins that is making people sit up and take notice. Bingo Godz will be using newcomer Bede Gaming's software and from the reports we've heard, the bingo offering that Bede will be supplying will genuinely break new ground in terms of interactivity and playability. Details are hard to come by in terms of a breakdown of the new features Bede will be showcasing on Bingo Godz, but the impression is that the bingo will be heavily inspired by the kind of Facebook social games which have proved to be catnip for so many people of late.

In many ways it's suprising that current bingo operators haven't capitalised on the popularity of social gaming more. You only have to look at the mindboggling success of Candy Crush Saga to know that freemium games, with their incredible reach, is where online bingo is heading. Yet many bingo operators are denied taking this route because of the clunky old software they use. Enter Bede Gaming.

Another reason to get excited about Bingo Godz is that it will be a seamless experience across all platfroms (desktop, tablet, mobile) because of the modular way in which Bede's software works. Not a ground-breaking change you may argue, but an extremely welcome one given far too many bingo sites at present provide a poor experience on mobile.

A final reason to get excited about Bingo Godz is it just sounds so much fun. Free bingo, power ups, level unlocking, status sharing with friends - this is bingo for the Facebook generation. And we're betting that's not the half of it either as there's bound to be some cool secrets Bingo Godz are keeping for launch date.

Will Bingo Godz usher in a new era of online bingo? We'll have to wait and see. One thing's for sure - Bingo Godz is the talk of the town right now so keep coming back for exclusive news on the bingo site that could rock the industry to its foundations.

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