Bingo Godz countdown to launch


A couple of months ago we reported on the tantilising prospect of a new bingo site called Bingo Godz going live in the near future. The talk of the town was that the launch of Bingo Godz could potentially usher in a new era of online bingo. You can view our article here.

Since then there's been a constant buzz about Bingo Godz and it looks likely the site will be going live in matter of days rather than weeks. We've managed to get hold of a screenshot of the homepage and it looks a fantastic concept.

Essentially there are six worlds that you can discover, each with their own collection of gods. You can unlock worlds by collecting all the gods in that world. Gods appear randomly throughtout each day and you can add them to your collection if you have bought enough bingo tickets. Our first impression is the site looks and feels more like a social media game rather than a traditional bingo lobby.

It will be interesting to see how bingo regulars react to this completely new style of playing bingo online. Our hunch is there may be a healthy dose of scepticism at first but then once people start collecting Gods, and comparing and sharing their progress with friends then they will be hooked. It will then be case of all the other bingo sites playing catch-up!

Of course we'll keep you fully updated when Bingo Godz goes live and provide a full impartial review of the website that could rock the foundations of online bingo. Watch this space!

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