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Increase your BP Balance

What is a BP?

A BP is an 'Bingo Pound'. This is my virtual currency for placing bets with.

There are a various ways to increase your BP (Bingo Pound) balance:

  • Sign up to Bingo News to receive 500 BP.
  • Log into the site daily to receive a minimum of 200 BP (bonus for consecutive daily logins)
  • More ways to get BP...

Your sign up and comment bonuses are applied instantly. The daily login bonus and correct address bonus are applied to your account at midnight UK time each day *.

* Only 1 login is counted per day. You can only receive the correct address bonus once.

More ways of increasing BP balance are listed here.

Collecting Sammy Stars

What is a Sammy Star?

By betting on Bingo News you'll get the chance to win some of my fantastic cash prizes!

For every 100 Bingo Pounds you bet, you will win yourself a Sammy Star.

Collect these stars and you can exchange them for real-life cash prizes!

How do I increase my star balance?

Every time you place a bet you will increase your Sammy Star balance (100 BP bet = 1 SS) *. You do not even need to win!

* This only applies to bets made at odds of over 2.00.

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If you bet at odds of below 2.00 you will receive fewer stars. This is calculated using a sliding scale. So for betting at 1.90 you will receive 90% of the number of stars you would have received if you had bet at 2.00 or higher. However, if you were to bet at odds of 1.10 then you would receive 10% of the number of stars you would have received if you had bet at 2.00 or higher. 

The following table aims to explain this:

Bet Odds Stars
1,000 5.00  10
1,000 2.00  10
1,000 1.9  9
1,000 1.6  6
1,000 1.5   5
1,000 1.25  2.5
1,000 1.01  0.1

Ways to increase your star balance:

  • Bonkers Betting - Fun betting on markets that you can’t get anywhere else on the internet!
  • Lucky Dice
  • More coming soon!

Exchanging Stars

Stars can be redeemed in the Bingo News Shop. Prizes range from real-money bingo vouchers to real-money Amazon vouchers!

To claim your free prize, visit my shop, exchange your stars and I will send you your prize.

Prizes can take up to 14 days to be processed (but will usually be much quicker).

NOTE: If you wish to cancel or change your requested prize you MUST do so within 24 hours of making your initial request.

Terms and Conditions apply.

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