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The Freebie Lounge is the place to be for Crown Bingo's fabulous Superbooks games!

How to take part

To gain access to an entire week of Superbooks, you will need to make just one deposit in the week leading up to it.

Superbooks games take place in the Freebie Lounge every night of the week. To gain access to Superbooks you will need to have made just one deposit the week before, between the Monday and Sunday . Then when you're in, you can enjoy a full week of Superbooks games between 9 and 10pm every evening!

What is Superbooks?

You can either play for free or purchase Super tickets (which will be marked with a 'S'). There are 2 different prize pots one for players who have free tickets and one for players who have 'Super' tickets. When you purchase 'Super' tickets you play for bigger prizes.

In a Superbooks game everyone will get the same number of tickets, the more super tickets you buy the less free tickets you will have.

So, just make one deposit to come and join Crown Bingo in the Freebie Lounge every evening from 9-10pm for a fun-filled hour of free games and fantastic prize pots-what are you waiting for?!

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