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Ed Gallois

Ed Gallois has been news editor of Bingo News since May 2012. Ed previously worked for various local newspapers and has written for the Independent. His first experience of playing bingo was at Gala Hengrove bingo hall in Bristol where he won! Ed has played at all the major bingo sites and enjoys the camaraderie in online bingo rooms.

If you would like to contact Ed about a bingo news story please email Ed.

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Sarah Preece

Sarah Preece has been editor of press releases at Bingo News since August 2009. She has worked in the field of sports journalism for 11 years at several off-line and online publications. She loves to curl up in front of the TV on rainy nights and have a good old girly gossip on the bingo sites. Her best win was £1,000 on, believe it or not, one of the slots!

If you have any press releases for Sarah please email Sarah.

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