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  • Bingo Rooms 30+
  • Players Online 62
  • Bingo Jackpot £6.1k
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Foxy Bingo Overview

Foxy Bingo was launched back in 2005, and is a household name when is comes to online bingo. Foxy have an incredible 40 rooms, starting from 5p per play. It is estimated that Foxy have a 13% share in the UK online bingo market. Foxy used to be endorsed by Katie Price, although nowadays its up to the cute little fox. At Bingo News we have no idea where it spawned from, but we sure had great fun in Foxy`s multiple rooms.

Signing up

Registering with Foxy is simple enough - a walk in the park for those who have registered with Wink Bingo, as the software is identical. Again you need to give them your address and credit card details, but surely you can trust the little fox to keep your money safe, just as thousands of other users do?

At first I was annoyed that Foxy weren`t giving a free bonus no-deposit bonus for my troubles, but then I decided to deposit to see what all the fuss was about. Almost 1000 bingo players in the afternoon is incredible, and I was more than happy to let Foxy double my money with their offer.

Depositing was incredibly easy - Foxy use Aquapay, which means you only even have to give your card details once. Further deposits and withdrawals can be done with the click of a mouse.

Foxy Bingo’s home page

The Foxy home page is fairly standard and easy to navigate; almost a carbon copy of Wink Bingo. Find out about latest guaranteed jackpot games, winners and other promotions. It is apparent that Foxy place great emphasis on their roomies, and runs several features, including Mum or Dad of the Year and even Foxy Cruises with cash games.

In the saturated market of online bingo, each site is looking for its own particular edge. Foxy Radio is broadcast every Tuesday and Thursday at 8pm, featuring great competitions and celebrity guests. I have even emailed in a picture of my dog for the Foxy pet Factor 2008 competition - if they knew how badly behaved he was he certainly wouldn`t win the £250 prize! On the particular day that I listened to Foxy radio, the illustrious guest was Mark Foster, world record holder of the 50m freestyle. Talk about bringing in the big guns!

Playing Foxy’s games

The fact that there are so many players at Foxy means that there will always be a game at your desired level. It is particularly good for those playing small stakes, as there will always by 5p and 10p games available in both 75 and 90 ball bingo, and £1 games at the other end of the spectrum.

My first venture was 10p games of 75 ball bingo. The software works fine, and the mini games are all familiar, if not spectacular. For example, the roulette wheel doesn`t spin fluidly. The chat wasn`t brilliant, plenty of the normal `WTGs` and `GL` but nothing else. My luck was down so I tried my hand at 90 ball bingo.

The chat was better in the 90 ball bingo rooms, subject included marking your own cards and the age-old question of how many card to purchase. The rooms were much more personal, some even discussing how their monthly bingo finances.

I then took part in £100 guaranteed jackpot game, pricey at 50p per card. The jackpot certainly draws in lots of players, just as the 5p games of 90 ball bingo have flooded chat rooms. Is it necessary a bad thing to have too much chat?

I won £8 using the last few pennies of my account. However the minimum withdrawal was £30, which was a problem. It meant that I had to deposit £30 and then withdraw £38. Too painstaking for £8, which is what Foxy want, making me spend it on their bingo.

Our verdict

Foxy Bingo is undoubtedly one of the leaders in the UK online bingo industry, with players benefiting from an amazing variety of bingo rooms. Despite its sheer size, the chat isn`t compromised, ensuring that it is one of our favourites.

  • Site Design 18/20
  • Bonuses 12/20
  • Games 20/20
  • Jackpots 18/20
  • Community 16/20

84/100Overall Score

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