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Dream Bingo Overview

Dream Bingo is a privately owned bingo site run by private investors. Although as they stated that it is state of the art software I wouldn`t agree as there are better bingo sites out there. There are a few things on the site that need updating but with a nice sign up bonus of £5 it is definatly worth a try.

Signing Up

The majority of the signing up process was very easy to do and the whole thing just involved filling in one form. I did find problems when it came to filling in certain sections such as my date of birth. You couldn`t just simply click the cursor in the box and type it in you had to use the tab button on the keyboard to be able to get any information into it. I have never come across this problem before and found it quite strange.

When you have signed up you are given an account number as well as your chosen alias name. You can use either of these to sign into the site and both will work.

To get your free £5 after signing up you need to log in to the bingo lobby and click on one of the bingo rooms to receive it.


Dream Bingo has a very funky homepage based around a little old fairy. The site does use quite a bit of flash so this could cause the webpage to be a bit slow on some people`s computers.

It is very easy to navigate the site and I didn`t find it a problem finding out any information. Dream Bingo include a lot of information about their site on the homepage along with some of the winners comments and a "meet the chat hosts" page. You can even read up on the history of bingo.

Playing Dream Bingo

When you click on "play now" the bingo lobby page will load and is a very basic page which doesn`t have much to it. One thing that was annoying was the fact that all the pages loaded in different windows instead of loading in the same window.

Playing on Dream Bingo wasn`t as much fun as I thought it was going to be and the software could do with some updating to keep up with all the other bingo sites out there. I felt a little bit ignored in the chat as people seemed to just chat amongst themselves.

One thing they had that I`ve never seen in a bingo room is the ability to change the background, I thought this was a nice touch and it added a bit of fun.

Buying the tickets was simple, just click on the "buy" button and choose how many tickets you want then click buy again. I did find it a little bit annoying that you had to press OK and confirm three times in three separate windows.

Our Verdict

Even though the homepage is very funky and easy to use I found a few problems throughout the site. The site does have some good sign up bonuses and jackpots though so why not sign up and give it a go, you never know until you try it yourself.

  • Site Design 14/20
  • Bonuses 14/20
  • Games 12/20
  • Jackpots 14/20
  • Community 10/20

64/100Overall Score

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