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  • Bingo Rooms 4
  • Players Online N/A
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Bingo Sky Overview

A truly awful bingo site which seems to be hanging on by its fingernails. The only saving grace is the free £25 on signup but you can do very little with this. My recommendation? Go somewhere else, even the £1 free bingo deal at Crown Bingo seems amazing after being so frustrated with this site.

Signing Up

Signing up to Bingo Sky is somewhat annoying as when you are filling out the first form and picking your Alias there is no "check availability" button. When you press submit after filling out your password and name details it will tell you if the name has been taken or not, if it has been taken and you press back it forgets your details so you just have to fill out everything again. This is a very bad system in my eyes and I would get bored after a few tries and go somewhere else.


Keeping in style with the name of the site, Bingo Sky has a sky theme. The site isn`t very easy to navigate and has been kept very basic. It doesn`t have much advertising going on so does look a little bit bare. It is nice to read the player comments and see what they thought about the site though.

Playing Bingo Sky

Every time you open a bingo room if you are playing with your free £25 you will have to tick the box agreeing to the terms and condition of playing with free money this gets a bit tedious after a while and I think you should only have to tick the box once and have done with it.

I found playing bingo on Bingo sky to be very boring. Unless you deposited you couldn`t use the chat and you couldn`t look at the chat either. Also you couldn`t get to any slot machines or instant games whilst in the bingo room.

The bingo caller was very annoying and when someone won a line or the full house a very annoying tune would be played that had me quickly reaching for the mute button.

The site didn`t have many players with only 16 people in the same room as me.

Our Verdict

The entire site needs a makeover and update, currently I wouldn`t go back to this site. The homepage isn`t very easy to navigate and the whole thing just annoyed me. There are lots of better sites out there and I can`t image Bingo Sky getting very high results the way it is at the moment.

  • Site Design 6/20
  • Bonuses 12/20
  • Games 8/20
  • Jackpots 10/20
  • Community 8/20

44/100Overall Score

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