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Bingo Hour Overview

Bingo Hour is the world`s only live online bingo hall. It is totally free to join and when you have signed up you will get £10 free to play and test the site with. I can imagine this site becoming very popular as I did find it a lot of fun and think anyone starting out in bingo should definitely give this site a try.

Signing Up

Signing up was very easy to do with just one form to fill out and you didn`t have to register your credit/debit card details straight away. When you have finished signing up you will get a phone call off the support team at Bingo Hour where they will ask you to confirm your date of birth so as that you can receive your free £10 to play with.

They will also ask you a couple of other little questions such as how you found the signing up process and if you had any difficulties. I think this a lovely touch and makes you feel welcomed to the site. There are only a couple of other sites that actually do this.


I find the homepage is one of the only things that lets the site down, it is quite difficult to navigate and not very user friendly at all. The design is also quite boring with not much going on and they don`t advertise a lot of their promotions. The homepage is also quite dark in a full on dark blue colour with a main picture of a bingo hall. The video of the lady introducing Bingo Hour is nice the first time you listen to it but it starts up every time you go to the homepage, thankfully my mute button is handy!

Playing Bingo Hour

Playing on Bingo Hour is great fun and the chat is some of the friendliest I have seen. The chat hosts are good fun and answer all your comments and questions in between calling the bingo numbers. They also have a support member in the chat room so if you are having any problems they can help you out. The full house amounts are great with a chance of winning £50 in most games. It is mainly 90 ball bingo but they do also swap to 75 ball bingo sometimes.

Check out the Times and Prices section to find out what`s going on throughout the day and when the 90 and 75 ball games swap. Quite strangely Bingo Hour call 90 ball bingo "Book Bingo" and 75 ball bingo is called "Cash Bingo". Buying your tickets is easy, just click on the buy button and choose from the selection how many tickets you want to play with.

Our Verdict

I really liked Bingo Hour and I think it is a great bingo site to use whether you`ve been playing online bingo for years or are just starting out. It does miss some of the bonuses that other sites offer but it is friendlier than nearly all the sites I have used. I feel Bingo Hour could of done better on the homepage, its styling and lack of ease of use is about the only thing that lets the site down. However, I think anyone who joins will stay because it is a brilliant site to play on, sign up and get your free £10 and find out for yourself!

  • Site Design 12/20
  • Bonuses 16/20
  • Games 16/20
  • Jackpots 18/20
  • Community 18/20

80/100Overall Score

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